About Us.

Our Founder, Ava Kwok, is the driving force behind Vsmiley, fueled by her unwavering passion to enhance lives through the transformative power of smiles. Inspired by her personal encounter with the challenges posed by teeth discoloration, stemming from a penchant for sweet confections and coffee, Ava embarked on an unwavering mission. Her resolute endeavor to rejuvenate her partner's teeth, marred by the effects of smoking, became the catalyst for the inception of Vsmiley. With an artful fusion of wit and profound empathy, we embrace a collective aspiration: to cultivate vibrant smiles that resonate not only with personal well-being but also with the care we extend to our cherished ones.

Our Mission.

At Vsmiley, our mission is clear: "We help you shine from within." This pledge underscores our commitment to enhancing not only your oral well-being but also your self-assurance. Our meticulously crafted "Teeth Whitening Kit" and cutting-edge "Teeth Cleaning Tools" empower our customers' dental health. Through our vibrant social media presence, we provide invaluable dental care insights, ensuring our followers radiate from within. Backed by ISO-certified production and curated by seasoned experts, our products embody unwavering excellence and customer satisfaction.