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Ultrasonic Oral Cleaner, the advanced solution for effective and convenient dental care, recommended by dentists. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, this tooth scaler is designed to revolutionize your oral hygiene routine and restore the natural brilliance of your smile. Say goodbye to stubborn teeth stains from years of coffee, wine, smoking, and even dental calculus.

1. High-Frequency Vibration
The frequency of 2 million times per minute, the real ultrasonic cleaning, adopts high-frequency core technology, the frequency is 50% higher than that of ordinary dental scalers, and the cleaning technology is more powerful.

2. Medical grade replaceable working head
The product comes standard with 4 sets of working heads, which can be replaced according to different needs.

3. 4-speed mode adjustment
One-key smart shift, from soft to strong, easy switching of multiple modes.
Soft mode: suitable for first-time use and sensitive people.
Normal mode: Standard cleaning intensity, recommended every day.
Intermediate mode: increased vibration frequency
Powerful mode: Powerful cleaning, suitable for deep cleaning.

4. Quick Charge
Fast charging, USB connected to the product, the green light of the product flashes when charging, and the green light is always on when it is fully charged.

5. Machine head waterproof
IPX6 waterproof, the head of the machine is waterproof, it can be rinsed and can be easily cleaned after cleaning the teeth, but the body part of the machine is not waterproof.

How to use :

1. Please plug in the power cord to turn it on, if the indicator light is on, it means it is turned on.
2. Please select the appropriate work tip (work tip should be tightened with a small screwdriver), so it can be operated on the teeth when installed (slightly use a little force on the calculation when operating).
Note: After departure, it will not produce ultrasonic waves against the air; contact with teeth, metal or ceramic glass will produce ultrasonic vibration.


Pump type: Diaphragm pump
Waterproof rating: IP6
Color: white, green, blue, black, silver
Intelligent high-frequency acoustic resonance
Intelligent high-frequency sound wave tip produces high-frequency vibration
Clean dental calculus, clean dental stains, tartar, etc

Package Content:
1 * Ultrasonic Tooth Scaler


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